Samsung Launches Premium Headphone And Speaker Line

Samsung, one of the world’s biggest retailers in technology is extending its hand in headphones, mobile audio devices and speakers. The brand giant announced the U.S. availability of “Level”, a premium mobile audio portfolio that showcases three different headphone styles as well as a bluetooth speaker.

The portfolio contains the Level Over ($349.99), Level On ($179.99), Level In ($149.99) and Level Box ($169.99). Each of the four headphone devices work in smooth conjunction with smartphones and tablets with the Level One gifted with ability to be further customized using the Samsung Level App.

The Over is just that, an over-ear headphone designed for an immersive sound experience, delivering clear, powerful sharp sound designed for comfort and equipped with Active Noise Cancellation and more. It’s relatives, the “On” and “In” are both on-ear and in-ear respectively, both containing powerful, clear and pure sound.

The Box is a premium, compact Bluetooth speaker that streams high quality audio from any Samsung Galaxy phone or any other Bluetooth compatible device directly to the speaker for crystal-clear sound. Samsung wanted to be sleek and innovative in its approach, streamlining all of the portfolio products with existing Samsung technology.

All four components of the Portfolio will be available starting this week with offering members exclusive access. You can purchase the Level On and Level Box bundle for $299.99 or buy each product separately on beginning July 20, on July 21 and select Samsung Experience Shops at Best Boy stores on July 27.