Selfie Spotlight: Lilly Ghalichi Goes Barefaced on Instagram

Shah’s of Sunset’s pint-sized princess, Lilly Ghalichi, stunned her 903k Instagram followers this past week when she posted a pause-worthy pic. No, she didn’t rip a page from Rihanna’s Bad Gal 101 Handbook and post a nude, she simply posted a photo of herself without makeup, and might we add she’s absolutely flawless.

The Bravo TV reality star is known for her over-the-top persona and larger than life presentation. Breast implants, hair extensions, lashes, and beat face are her everyday bravura so, of course, we were shocked when she posted a photo of herself barefaced.

And yet, in the caption she’s persistent on shaming grey hairs that aren’t even visible to us. Ms. Ghalichi, visit your colorist and call it a day. When you’re that gorgeous, who cares about a grey hair or two?


Photo Credit: Instagram