Serge Ibaka Goes Nude For Sports

Serge Ibaka

Serge Ibaka leaves little to the imagination (or a lot, if you consider him fantasy fodder) in his ESPN “Body Issue” spread. Appropriately covering the “Body We Want” section, the OKC’s power forward shares the spotlight with his chiseled abs and a basketball. There he explains how basketball is in his blood, (“My mom and dad played basketball too“) and the unconventional way he got started in the sport.

“One day one of the guys who was playing with my dad, he said, ‘Hey, let me teach you something.’ So he took an empty bottle of water and was using it as a ball and he said, ‘OK, take one step and do two and then jump — that’s all it is.’ I went back home, and all night I was doing it. All night. That’s all I could think about. Even in the bathroom, I’m brushing my teeth and I start doing this. That’s where everything started.”

As we gaze at the image trying to imagine the presentation of the package hiding behind his thigh, the 24-year-old talks his second love—the gym.

“I have this kind of body because I put a lot of work into it. I work out a lot. If I had my way, I’d be in the gym all day. I love to lift. When I don’t have basketball practice, I’ll be in a gym for 2.5 hours – 30 minutes abs, 2 hours lifting.”

Keri Hilson is one lucky gal!

The Congo-native isn’t the only attractive person with a body worth bronzing—he’s alongside many sport greats in this annual issue. Flip the page to see who else made the cut.

Photos Credit: ESPN