Shonda Rhimes Previews Season 4 of ‘Scandal’


Just days ago, we were burdened with the discerning news that the fourth season of Scandal isn’t set to premiere until the fall. September 25 may not seem far away, but for Scandal stans, this will be the longest summer ever. Thankfully, head honcho Shonda Rhimes blessed us with a verbal preview of the following season and some explanation of what happened previously.

In an interview with TV Guide, Rhimes revealed the truth about Harrison’s final moments during the season finale. With the return of Columbus Short being up in the air, this might mean that Harrison’s fate is questionable. Rhimes spoke with TV Guide about some of the major and minor changes being made to the series and the futures of some of our favorite characters. The producer in charge claims that this season we will see more of Papa Pope and Abby. She also admitted that it’s safe to safe the return of Harrison is unlikely.

Read the full interview on TV Guide.

Photo Credit(s): Getty Images