Social Media Week: The World According To @KasmoHuxtable

If you go on @KasmoHuxtable’s Instagram page, you won’t find many selfies, photos of last night’s dinner, or snapshots of his sneakers. What you will find, however, is a goldmine of hilarious relationship insight. Attracting a following of 36,000 people through strictly his #KasFACTS, Kasim Dyson’s memes have been screenshot and shared across the photo-based network nearly 10,000 times over.

From sex, to love, to unfortunate truths about everyday life, #KasFACTS is one example of how relatability can be the source of an online following. By simply sharing his take on the world via personal experiences and that of his friends, Kasmo Huxtable’s memes make for a laughable hub of “Oh shit, that’s true.”

“Even if I didn’t go through it firsthand, somebody did, and somebody told me about it,” he said, “And I’m witty, naturally, so I just add a little wit to it.”

Flip through the mind of the man behind the Instagram meme with ‘The World According To @KasmoHuxtable’ –Iyana Robertson