Talk to Don Benjamin During Our Twitter Q&A

Can we create #MCF because the news we have is worthy of the accolade.

The multitalented crooner, Don Benjamin, will be premiering his new single featuring DeCarlo, “Enough,” with us on Monday. And after all our vixens fall in love with his track—we’re sure you will—he’s participating in a Twitter Q&A session with us. The best part is, we want all of our vixens to join in!

The first of next week, July 21 at 3pm (EST), we’ll be tweeting all our questions to the recording artist and he’ll be answering them. If you want to participate all you have to do is send your questions in with the hashtags #AskDon and #VIBEVixen. We only have an hour with Don Benjamin and much to talk about, (his Kickstarter program, music, and modeling) so make sure you tune in to enjoy the full hour.

Make sure you’re following @VIBEVixen and @ItsDonBenjamin on Twitter, talk to you guys Monday!