Vixen Boombox: Tank, ‘Hope This Makes You Love Me’

The new single by Tank, “I Hope This Makes You Love Me,” has everything you want in a slow jam—soaring vocals, heartbreakingly romantic lyrics and sparkly production. The sculpted singer’s voice glides over the track effortlessly and surprises us with a high-pitched, falsetto/Miguel-esque moment in the bridge.

“I’ve been doing everything for you,” he wails. “I ain’t got much love but I want you to have it all and I hope this makes you love me”

In the end, no one could help falling for this beautiful piece of music. He hopes this makes us love him? Too late, Tank, we’re already thinking of walking down the aisle and having your babies.

The singer’s new album, Stronger, hits the shelves on August 12.

Photo Credit: Atlantic Records

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