Review: 15 Thoughts On The Carters’ ‘On The Run’ Tour And Their Evolving PDA

“Forgiveness is me giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me. Forgiveness is the final act of love.” –Beyoncé, Singer/Actress/Pastor

“They’ll never be able to stop us.” –Jay Z, Rapper/Truth Teller

The Beyoncé of 12 years ago could barely fathom the idea of celebrity couples. In an October 2002 VIBE cover story, where her future husband is mentioned as a rumored suitor (along with Mos Def and Nelly), a newly solo Beyoncé poo-poos cliché courtship. “Very few celebrities have taken the time to talk to me before they try to fly me out somewhere or give me gifts,” she says. “Telling people they like me, but we’ve never had a conversation? That’s a big turnoff. It seems like being with a celebrity [Ed Note: let alone one-half of the most powerful couple in entertainment] would be really, really hard.”

The Beyoncé and Jay Z relationship began somewhere in there. By then, he was already wining and dining her. They’ve since progressed from being guarded to sharing measured, filtered intelligence reports on their marriage and (finally!) giving us the joint tour we always wanted.

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-Clover Hope

Photo Credit: Instagram