The Funniest #NewESPYCategories Tweets


ESPY Categories

The 2014 ESPY Awards aired last night (July 16). Teams of all fields came to support and accept their particular award.

Too bad the entertainment wasn’t coming from the TV but our computer screens. Neither the Drake “sidepiece” song or Michael Sam speech had everyone buzzing as much as the Twitter jokes did. The buffoonery taking place on that social medium turned out to be more entertaining then Drake’s SNL-inspired hosting gig.

And even thought the show concluded at the Nokia Theatre, the comedy was still ensuing online and #NewEspyCategories was created. Dissatisfied with the exhausted categories, sports fans put the ESPY’s in their own hands. With a humorous and slandering angle, fans began tweeting and creating memes to illustrate exactly what categories and who their first nominee would be.

Flip the page the check out the funniest #NewEspyCategories created and let us know if you’d want sports fans handling the awards show next year.

All Photos Credit: Twitter

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