‘The Simpsons’ Binge Watching Just Became Easier

Simpsons gif

The longest running cartoon primetime animated series is breaking new ground with a venture into the online world. While The Simpsons was at one point available to watch on Hulu, the show’s network FXX is now launching “Simpson World.”

Entertainment Weekly explains that “For the first time, viewers can access every episode of the series via their computer or other networked devices. “Authenticated” FX subscribers will have instant access on iPhone, iPad, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android phones and tablets, Smart TVs, and additional set-tops devices. Viewers will also be able to search for specific quotes, curate their own own personalized playlists, and share their favorite show clips and quotes (non-subscribers will be able to watch the clips, just not full episodes).”

FXX will also be airing a full series marathon of The Simpsons starting August 21.

Photo Credits: Tumblr