Trae Day: Catching Up With Trae Tha Truth In Houston

VIBE recently caught Trae on the set of his latest video for a track with Yung Thug titled "Try Me." Posted up with gorgeous models, including Asia of Bad Girls Club, Trae is in an all black Jeep sitting on matte black swangers, which is a Houston staple. He motions to head, then the director yells action and we hold our post. A few minutes later, the gravely voiced rapper is ready is give us his take on yet another Trae Day in Houston, Texas.

VIBE: How did you feel about Trae Day this year?
Trae: Trae Day was a success man, like, I always work hard for it to be something big and something major. This year like everything was perfect, I mean from sun up to sun down, it was amazing. [We] helped so many kids, just had pure fun, man. Seeing their faces light up the way it did, it was something amazing.

How did you prepare for the heat? The index was like a hundred plus.
I didn’t even know that. I was just riding it out. Whichever way it went.

How does it feel having ties to a larger affiliation outside of Houston like your friends T.I. and B.o.B. from Grand Hustle?
I mean my title is King of the Streets, so I maneuver through the streets everywhere. I get a lot of love from a lot of people and I show a lot of love to a lot of people. My scale has already been across the board but now is probably being a magnified since a lot of people are watching everything around me and what I’m doing. My title is the King of the Streets and I’m still here man.

What’s the prevailing message you want to get across?
Not even just for Houston, just for real niggas in general man because it's so few. When you find someone genuine and thorough, it’s always important and I feel like a representation for that. A representation the state of Texas as well as Houston. So, anything I do is a reflection of my city, and I feel like I have to be on my P's and Q’s. And, make stuff really stand out because I’m not doing it to make the best music out of Texas, I trying to make the hardest music in the world.

What do you say to the naysayers and the negative people?
I've been dealing with that my whole like. I'm at a point now, where it doesn't bother me anymore. They gone do whatever they want to do, I’ve been through hell and back and have prevailed time after time again. I’m like alright, you an feel how you want to feel but it’s not going to stop me from doing what I’m about to do. I’m not the type of person to gossip or go back and forth, I’ll just show you. That’s it

Any final thoughts?
Most definitely, I’m going to keep representing for ABN (Assholes By Nature) tip the death and SUC. May my brother MUG rest in peace, his CD was about to drop. Through me, J-Dawg and our camp and his camp we’ve got to hold it down. While I was banned worldwide (by Radio One), which I still am they stood solid with me so I’m going to always stand solid with them. Rest in peace to my brother Clip D, free my nigga Dog and free my brother Dinkie.

As we wrapped our interview the stoic emcee he gives praise to his recently deceased comrade MUG and states that he was praying at the moment as he does every midnight.

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“His brother lives there. His mother lives there. She don’t even have no f**king papers,” he can be heard saying.

Jose Avila left a 49-second voicemail on Nov. 15 after the rainbow hair rapper failed to show up to an appearance he was promoting in Austin, Texas. At the time, Tekashi was on probation for a sex video stemming from 2015 involving a 13-year-old girl. Avila threatened to use his connection to have Tekashi placed in jail.

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Lil Mama didn't dwell on the topic too long, an ended her diatribe with a warning.

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@shadmoss PERIODT

A post shared by N I A T I A (@lilmama) on Dec 8, 2018 at 3:55pm PST

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