Trend to End: Fire Challenge + Twitter Reacts

FireChallenge Tweets

Remember when the most dangerous games you played was dodge ball and the only fire you got near was on a gas stove? Well, in 2014, teens aren’t down for those safe pastimes, they like living on the edge, even if it kills them.

The newest trend in dangerous dares is Fire Challenge. The name speaks for itself. Restless young kids are dousing themselves in fuel, then lighting themselves on fire. We’re not sure what part of this sounds fun, but from the overwhelming popularity of it, they must know something we don’t.

It gained popularity and momentum on Facebook and has since spread to all social platforms as fans post their gory videos and imagary. Literally, burning for likes, this game has already taken one life—a 14-year-old from New York—and sent many others to the hospital. Twitter—our official go to for what’s cool—has deemed this game “dumb AF” and we couldn’t RT more. Check out the results of this dangerous game and what tweeters are saying about its pitiful participants.

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