Ty Dolla Sign Takes on Times Square with VIBE Vixen

Ty Dolla Sign in Time Square

Free TC

“It’s different because the music is more quality. This time I just said, ‘fuck it, it’s summer time.’ Everybody is about to put out this uptempo music so I just made a lot of slow shit and vibe-y shit. I want everybody to love it. I’m trying to go against everybody in music. Everybody copies. I hate to sound like that but people are biting, you know? I wanted to do something different. If I didn’t write with them or if I’m not their homie and it sounds like my shit then they’re biting.”

“There’s going to be less features on the album. I don’t know who is going to make it in the end. With the mixtapes me and the homies be in the studio and it’s like ‘let’s do this’ and ‘let’s do this’ and we put it on the tape. Then that way I get to do my samples and all that other shit that I like to do. But the album is going to be less samples and more of us playing.”

Other producers: DRUG$, D. Miles, FKI, Done Deal, C Gutta.