Tyler Perry Nabs ‘What Would Jesus Do’ Trademark


Tyler Perry wants it all. The mega director and actor snatched up the rights to the popular phrase “What would Jesus do” after a long drawn out battle with ex-reality chick Kim “Poprah” Kearney.

Kearney, who once starred in VH1?s “I Want to Work for Diddy,” took Perry to war when he decided he wanted to use the phrase for an impending film. The two have been battling it out in court since 2008. Kearney filed a trademark application to use “What Would Jesus Do” for a Christian reality show in January 2008. In May of 2008 Perry filed a trademark to use the phrase for entertainment products like films, T.V. shows, and musicals.

Kearney claims to have pitched the idea to Perry months before his team filed for the trademark. Perry’s team contested that Kearney had no intention of using the phrase so the studio inquired about canceling her request.

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