Vix Kicks: Chanel’s Upgrade on Flip Flops

Vix Kicks

For this edition of Vix Kicks, we tackle one of the biggest summer season taboos. Wearing flip-flops anywhere other then the beach and the store has never been cute, but leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to make something out of nothing.

Flip flops just got a hot new spin for the Chanel Couture runway show recently, a spin so hot that you might actually be able to wear flip flops to work now. Maybe. Just make sure to keep up to date on those pedicures, ladies.

Check out Karl Largerfeld’s flip flop upgrade. Which color schemes are you feeling? Would any of these satisfy your Vix Kicks itch?

Photo Credit: Getty Images 

Chanel : Runway - Paris Fashion Week : Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014-2015