Vixen Casting Couch: Celebs We’d Enlist For Aaliyah’s Biopic

Looks like the already-infamous Aaliyah biopic will soon be making its way to a Lifetime living room near you, despite emotional protests from fans and family. After Zendaya dropped out of the movie, the network quickly replaced her with Nickelodeon newbie, Alexandra Shipp.

Besides the scandal spawned by casting the movie’s star, the TV network has yet to announce who will play the roles of the other significant people in her life. As you know, Aaliyah was loved by many and had genuine industry friends who still mourn her loss. Maybe the network’s trying to avoid further drama and speculation, or perhaps they simply haven’t concluded auditions yet. Either way, we got cozy on the casting couch and decided to help expedite the process, Vixen style. Flip the page to see which stars we feel would be a good fit in the biopic.