Vixen Exclusive: Jodi Lyn O’Keefe Talks ‘Hit the Floor’ and Lessons Learned from Hollywood


How’s the on-set chemistry of Hit the Floor?

It’s great. Everybody is so happy to be there everyday and everyone loves their job so much that it makes for a really comfortable atmosphere. You come in, in the morning, and there’s no stopping everybody’s sunshine. Everyone is just glad to be there and happy to be a part of this show. For example, if you go to work and something is going wrong in your life and you arrive, everyone is so happy to be there that all of a sudden you just get wrapped up in everyone else’s good news. It’s a pleasure, really.

What’s your favorite part of shooting?

Goofing around in the hair and makeup trailer before we start shooting.

Of course, that’s always fun.

The girls and I laugh all morning long before we get ready.

So I did some research and it turns out that you are also a licensed bounty hunter. Why bounty hunting?

[Laughs] A girlfriend and I went to take couple courses in L.A. to see if we can do it in real life because we do so much stunt work together and so we were just trying it out to see what would happen; to see if we could actually do it so we’re both pre-licensed. We only have a couple more hours of training to become licensed but it made me giggle so I put it on my twitter page.