Vixen Vent: Lifetime Should Drop the Aaliyah Biopic

Alexandra Shipp and Aaliyah

How many actresses have to give up the Aaliyah role for Lifetime to call it quits? After the rumor that two well-known celebrities turned down the biopic’s starring role, Lifetime still refuses to hang it up. Teyana Taylor was never on board, Keshia Chante had a change of heart and now Zendaya Coleman decided that it wasn’t the route she wanted to take. Recently, Lifetime has picked up newcomer Alexandra Shipp to play the late R&B singer Aaliyah and she’s already been subjected to negative remarks. It’s clear that Lifetime is spiraling down an abyss of uncertainty and desperation.

Just days ago, Zendaya informed reporters that it was the production value and music rights that swayed her to drop out. In other words, we might be expecting a low budget film instead of a major and well-deserving biopic. The film’s production is surely becoming more of a controversial topic than a highly anticipated hit.

As an Aaliyah stan, I think I speak for most of her true fans when I say that Aaliyah deserves better. Aaliyah was an exceptional musician and a phenomenal young woman who had a profound impact on hip hop culture and R&B music. If Biggie can get a movie on the big screen, why can’t she? Of course I would love to see a movie based on one of my favorite singers of all time, but not at the expense of a quality film. Perhaps it is time to simply allow Aaliyah to rest.

Photo Credit(s): Getty Images