Vixen Vent: The NWA Biopic Casting Call Tells Loads About the Movie Industry

Time and time again, we’ve seen Hollywood stereotypes projected onto the big screen. Television programs are equally as guilty, assigning different ethnic groups to societal labels that do more harm than good. This was disturbingly apparent in the casting call that surfaced for the upcoming NWA biopic.

If you didn’t already see the casting call, check it out on Vibe Vixen here. It’s no surprise that the producers are seeking light-skinned females, of varying races, with “long natural hair” and “really nice bodies” to place in leading roles. Medium and dark-skinned African American women that are “poor” or “not in good shape,” on the other hand, are supposed to play the menial roles. This twisted mentality is what continues to fuel the notion that darker skinned people or even plus-sized people are inferior in comparison to their lighter and slimmer peers and therefore should not be portrayed in a positive light.  Every time we file into our local theaters we see this playing out right before our eyes. If the movie industry isn’t “racist,” it’s definitely colorist at the very least.

I also notice in the casting-call that for the leading roles, the producers of the NWA biopic said “black” and in the menial roles they specified that they are looking for “African American” women to play them. Excuse me if I am digging too deep here, but it seems like they are feeding into the stereotype that black women of African American heritage, in particular, are unattractive.

Discrimination of any kind is disrespectful and the movie industry does a great job of getting away with it. Unfortunately the producers are simply trying to make money so they probably don’t even care but they need to realize that the images they put forth affect us all. Conditioning is a motherf*cker!