Was Kevin Durant Cheating on Ex-Fiancé Monica Wright?

Just when we thought we’re about to witness a real-life resurrection of Love & Basketball, Kevin Durant and Monica Wright broke off their engagement earlier this year. The couple announced that they were headed towards marital bliss just a year ago, and all seemed to be going well. They had basketball, their faith in God and their pension for privacy all in common. But the subtle instagram pictures stopped posting and the two were no longer spotted at each other’s games.

While speculation of cheating on KD’s end was reported to have caused the split, Monica Wright said it was because of religious differences. At a Minnesota Lynx’s Faith and Family event, the point guard got a bit personal.

“I was engaged last year,” Wright recalled. “And it kind of changed that relationship big time because I was going in a direction that unfortunately a lot of people aren’t willing to sacrifice their lifestyle for.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images