Watch: Dwayne Johnson Explains Fanny Pack Photo, Becomes Jimmy Fallon’s Workout Bro

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson finally explained just exactly what was in his fanny pack back in ’96 when he plopped down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

The action star was a good sport when he discussed the throwback photo of himself rocking a turtle neck, chain, faux Tag Heuer watch and leather fanny pack. Johnson explained that he stuffed his now famous accessory with “pop tarts and condoms”. He also added a few tips for rocking a leather fanny pack. The laughs kept rolling afterwards when Fallon asked Johnson how he got so ripped for his role in the forthcoming film Hercules. Fallon teamed with the Rock as “the Fungo Brothers” fitness tandem, who heated up the late-night stage with some sexually suggestive routines. Check out the LOL-y clips for yourself below and trek to the theater when Hercules opens this Friday.