Watch: Janine And The Mixtape Performs ‘Hold Me’, Talks ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ Feature

On May 19, 2014, Janine and the Mixtape’s career got new life—although it unfortunately came with the perishing of another.

This particular night found 3.41 million viewers tuned in to a particularly touching episode of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, which found Bambi breaking the tragic news to her boyfriend Lil Scrappy that she’d miscarried their baby. The soundtrack to that emotional storyline: Janine’s tender track “Hold Me,” which appeared on her summer 2013 EP Dark Mind.

“To me it’s been amazing that with exposure people can react that way,” says the New Zealand native, who’s aforementioned song leapt up the Billboard, iTunes and Spotify charts after the LHH scene aired. Her song “Dark Mind” had previously been featured on Vh1’s Black Ink Crew, but she says the response to her latest TV score has been exponentially grander.

“I’ve just been feeling absolutely blessed by the support and the way that people have been reacting to it,” she adds. “And now it’s giving me an opportunity to take things a bit further.”

Janine and the Mixtape has been meeting with labels and hopes to find a home for her debut album as well as her own imprint, Little Mixtape Records.

Get to know Janine and the Mixtape above, as she performs “Hold Me,” describes her musical sound and shares what’s next. —John Kennedy