Watch: Jay Electronica Talks Sobriety, Performing With Jay Z At Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

The 10th annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival (July 12) was full of surprises and crowd-appeasing moments, but no one set the stage ablaze quite like Jay Electronica’s electrifying performance.

Decked out in a suit and bow tie, the New Orleans native also brought out his Roc Nation boss/mentor Jay Z who performed “Public Service Announcement” and gave Jay Elect his 5-Percenter chain.

In an interview with Revolt TV, the 37-year-old wordsmith also talked about his sobriety after years of battling substance abuse, and said, “I backslid for a while. Got into druggin’ and drinkin’ and smokin’, but now I’m back, reformed. All praises due to Allah.”

Watch the interview with Jay Elect above.