Watch: Spike Lee Draws Parallels Between Eric Garner And Radio Raheem’s Police-Related Deaths

Spike Lee is speaking out against the NYPD after one of their own took the life of an innocent Staten Island man.

Sadly, Eric Garner died last Thursday (July 17) after four officers tried to arrest the 43-year-old man by taking him down to the ground and one officer pinning him down in a chokehold. He was unarmed.

Aside from calling out the injustice on his social media accounts, the director created a clip comparing Garner’s fatal chokehold to the one that killed Radio Raheem, the boom box-toting character in Lee’s Do The Right Thing.

“Brother Eric Garner No Longer Breathes Courtesy Of Banned NYPD Chokehold. Rest In Power.”

“Radio Raheem And The Gentle Giant. Watch the video. The clickable link is on my profile page. “