Wiz Khalifa Stylishly Previews ‘Blacc Hollywood’ On A Boat [Photos]

If you know anything about Wiz Khalifa and his music, you know he doesn’t just want you to party. He want’s you to party hard. Last Friday, Wiz took to NYC’s Pier 40 to kickoff a boozy boat function and preview his forthcoming Blacc Hollywood LP. Of course the album listening party was done in style.

“Wish I could’ve smoked weed with all of y’all,” he told a cocaina-white clad crowd while balancing an unlit blunt between his fingers. Non-smoking rules didn’t bring down the high his ONIFC followup caused, though. Keeping true to his laid-back yet lively aura, Cameron Thomaz’s promising August 19 release was designed to appeal to all levels of festivity followers.

With all white ensembles, post-work cocktails and the briny blue on all four sides, Vixen was on-hand to experience it all. Flip through to see pictures and video from the listening party as well as a few early thoughts on Khalifa’s newest material.

Check out a video snippet of the shindig and head to VIBE Vixen for more photos

Photo Credit: Stacy-Ann Ellis