Woman Arrested After Snapping a Selfie

Like any average 20-something female fashionista, after Danielle Saxton enjoyed a sweet shopping spree, she went home and cut-up on her own personal catwalk—trying on her new duds, snapping selfies, and sharing them with her Facebook friends. What we forgot to mention is that the West Frankfort resident walked out of Mortie’s boutique without paying for a single thing. Not so average.

Mortie’s co-owner, Kert Williams saw Saxton walk out the store and immediately fled to Facebook to spread the word about the theft. Williams identified that Saxton “stole a very distinctive leopard dress, a couple [of] shirts, [and] some jewelry.”

Considering that the small town of West Frankfort’s population is less than 10,000, it didn’t take long for people to connect the leopard print dots. Saxton was immediately apprehended. We bet she’ll think before snapping another self-incriminating selfie.

 Photo Credits: WSILTV

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