YG Deciphers ‘B Language’ From His Fans (Videos)

While bicking back being bool, YG was presented with the ultimate challenge. In a recent sit down with SKEE.TV, the Compton rapper had fans ask him a variety of questions but the catch was they had to put a “B” in front of every word in their question.

The 24-year-old artist struggled to decipher a few of the questions posed but nonetheless was honest about his humble beginnings and seemingly overnight success. When asked about his job history, YG revealed that he was once a busboy. “I used to wash the dishes,” the “Who Do You Love” artist admitted.

However, these days the West Coast rapper is living pretty lavish. “What I rap about is real,” he said after pulling out wads of cash and the keys to his Panamera from his pocket, at the request of a fan.

Check out more hilarious sound bites from the video above.