Yung Joc: Making Forbes List Was ‘The Worst Thing’

Making the Forbes list is a coveted accomplishment for those aspiring to be part of the rich and famous, but for Atlanta rapper Yung Joc, it did more harm than good.

Joc sat down with VladTV and discussed how his spot as #20 on the 2006 Forbes List for Richest Rappers didn’t play out exactly as he expected.

“That was the worst thing that could have ever happened for me,” he said. “You had people who may have come to me and asked to borrow $1,000. And where I was able to give them $1,000. After that shit came out niggas was hitting me like ‘Damn, my nigga, I asked you for a stack. You could have gave me 10.’ What? You know what I’m saying? People was looking at it like ‘Damn, you been short changing me all this time. Damn, my nigga, you asking for deals and shit. You asking for me to show you some love and give you the hookup. And you made 10 million?’ It made people really upset with me, dog. I never seen no shit like this in my life.

The Love And Hip Hop Star also revealed his worst investment: “Taking care of too many people that were undeserving.” Watch the full interview below.

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