Zendaya Defends Dropping Out of Aaliyah Biopic [Video]

Now that the upcoming Aaliyah biopic has a new leading lady, former star of the film Zendaya has explained why she ditched the role. In a series of Instagram videos, the 17-year-old actress/singer denied rumors that she could not handle the initial criticism of her casting, saying her decision had “absolutely nothing to do with that.”

Pointing to production value and music rights as her main reasons for exiting the cast, Zendaya expressed that she felt it all “wasn’t being handled delicately.” She also shared that she tried to reach out to Aaliyah’s family through a letter.

The young star concluded her video by congratulating the film’s newly casted actress, Alexandra Shipp on securing the role of Aaliyah, saying that she hopes Shipp is not met with the same discontent.

Author: Iyana Robertson