Zoe Saldana On Love After Bradley Cooper

In the August issue of Fashion Magazine, Zoe Saldana dishes on marrying her hubby Marco Perego just months after breaking up with Bradley Cooper.

Saldana and Cooper broke up before New Year’s Eve 2012. The Guardians of the Galaxy star found peace in the months following the break-up. “I was finally able to spend time without being in a relationship, and even though it was a short period of time, it was beautiful. I lost that fear of being alone,” Saldana tells the magazine. “It was bliss.”

The following May, Saldana was seen smooching Perego at an after party and the two secretly wed later that summer. “I met my partner when I was in really a beautiful place in my life,” said Saldana. “It was like I found all my answers with him, not in him. I was finding my answers on my own.”

Read about more about Zoey Saldana in the newest issue of Fashion.

Photo Credit(s): Eonline