What’s Really Real? 10 CGI Movies That Raised The Bar


You’ll have to search hard to find a new movie that doesn’t have any CGI special effects. From the monsters that level entire city blocks to everyday effects, like changing the color of a room’s wallpaper, CGI is in just about every modern movie – and most of the time we can’t even tell what isn’t real.

Movies haven’t always been that way. Over the past 30 years, there’ve been mind-boggling tech leaps that allow films to be made exactly as their creators intended. George Lucas might have angered Star Wars fanboys when he went back and added more effects to the original trilogy, but can’t fault him: he’s a perfectionist.

Thanks to the films on this list, we can enjoy the kind of lifelike effects that make us question whether what we’re seeing is “real” or not. Um, some of the effects might cause nightmares, but still, we’re glad all the same.