The 10 Biggest Tour Bus Mishaps In Recent Rap History


A rapper’s tour bus is supposed to be a place where he or she can kick back, unwind and prepare for the next show. Rappers pay thousands of dollars to outfit their buses with all the luxuries of home. But unfortunately, those rides have turned into huge problems for some rappers in recent years.

Ask Young Jeezy. He’s currently behind bars on $1 million bail because police found an assault rifle on his tour bus when it was parked in Irvine, California for a recent stop on Wiz Khalifa’s Under the Influence of Music Tour. Promo or no promo, Jeezy might be in big trouble, and right as his latest album Seen It All is set to hit stores. In light of his arrest, here are 10 of the biggest tour bus mishaps in recent rap history.

Photo Credit: Getty Images