The 10 Craziest Lawsuits Filed Against Lil Wayne


Every time we turn around, it feels like Lil Wayne is getting sued again. He’s been taken to court more than a dozen times for all kinds of things. From issues with song samples to issues at concerts, Wayne’s lawyers are constantly on the clock. So when we heard that he was being sued again recently, we didn’t bat an eye. This time, Wayne is being sued by a Miami-based company called Signature Group LLC that leases Wayne and his Young Money Entertainment a private jet for $55,000 per month.

However, according to the lawsuit, Wayne & Co. stopped making payments on the jet and now owes quite a bit of money on it. And Signature Group wants to be paid, so they just asked a judge to award them $1 million for the total balance owed plus additional fees and damages. Believe it or not, though, that’s not the most insane lawsuit that the Young Money founder has ever had filed against him. Check out these 10.

Photo Credit: Getty Images