10 Things We Want To See In ‘Bad Boys III’


The most badass cops in the precinct are returning and we can’t wait to see what they have in store. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence made buddy-cop history when Bad Boys exploded onto the screen in 1995 with a shower of explosions, gun duels and rapid-fire jokes. Bad Boys II continued the winning formula and even added the very sexy Gabrielle Union as Smith’s love interest and Lawrence’s sister.

Now that Bad Boys III has been announced , we can start getting excited about seeing the detectives back in action. Since this is the third film, we have sky-high hopes for tons of action, laughs and women. Here are 10 things we expect to see in the sequel.

1. A Superstar Villain
The villains of Bad Boys I and II were cool, but most people wouldn’t be able to recognize them on the street. It’s about time there was a superstar A-list villain for the boys to battle against. We want someone who will rival Smith and Lawrence in star power while also making a memorable villain. How about Idris Elba? He’s played both cunning villains and powerful heroes in the past, and he’s just the kind of physical force that could match up against the Bad Boys in a fight.

2. Celebrity Cameos
A film based in Miami should have tons of opportunities to take advantage of the celebs that frequent the club scene. What better way to add a little zap to a film than by including some of the hottest actors, singers, and hip-hop artists? Just imagine if the detectives are forced to interview Lil Wayne about a murder case. Drake shows up to offer some levity to the proceedings, and Birdman hangs out in the shadows. (He is the Godfather after all) Actually, now we kind of want to see a hip-hop storyline in Bad Boys III

3. Funny (Not Stale) Jokes
One of the best scenes from Bad Boys II is when the detectives playfully “interrogate” the boy who comes to take Marcus’ (Martin Lawrence) daughter on a date. The Bad Boys series is incredibly popular because it combines amazing action with lighthearted jokes.

4. Sexy Leading Ladies
From Gabrielle Union in Bad Boys II to Tea Leoni in the original, the films always feature attractive leading ladies. So who will star opposite Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in part III? Megan Good? Zoe Saldana? How about Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o? The Bad Boys need strong female leads to keep them in balance, but it’s still too early to find out who will be in the cast.

5. More Explosions
Director Michael Bay loves his explosions – cars, buildings, guns, cats, etc. – so we have no doubt that Bad Boys III will have plenty of pyrotechnics… but we want even MORE. Everything about a third Bad Boys film needs to be bigger, and that includes the explosions. Hopefully Mr. Bay follows the path he laid down in the first two films and continues to blind his audiences with gratuitous shots of flames and shooting fireballs.