10 Things You Didn’t Know About Technimatic


The hauntingly powerful and intricate musicality of Pete Rogers and Andy Powell, aka Technimatic, fits the Shogun Audio roster like a glove. Liquid fusion accented by atmospheric drum and bass careen from the duo’s debut solo album, Desire Paths (out now).

“It’s an electronic album that has texture. Something fresh and current, but has a real feeling of nostalgia within it which gives you a flavor of where we’ve both come from musically and in terms of our normal lives. It’s about how we work, what we’ve had to do to make it happen, and what we hold to be important within our genre.

A desire path is a route between an origin and destination created by footsteps, that often diverges away from the set and preconceived routes set out in daily life. We felt it was a nice metaphor for the journey we are on ourselves, for so long treading the standard route in life but striving to get somewhere else we are truly passionate about.” -Pete & Andy – Technimatic

VIBE asked Technimatic to share 10 facts about themselves to help us get familiar with the tag team poised to be the biggest new addiction in DnB. See their answers, below, after peeping their breakout single off Desire Paths, “Night Vision.” It’s one addiction we have no interest in kicking.

1. “One of the working titles for ‘Desire Paths’ was ‘Arriving On A Sledge.'”
2. “On finishing our album we opened a 20-year-old red wine we’d been saving for the occasion, only to find it was undrinkable.”
3. “Andy wrote the beats for our track ‘Those Feelings’ on a floating oil rig 60km off the coast of Ghana.”
4. “The spoken word sample on ‘Perseverance’ comes from a record with no name and no information.”
5. “When playing in Moscow a couple of years ago we took a tour of Red Square. As we walked back to the car, we heard drum & bass pouring out of a local bar. As we got closer, we realized it was one of Pete’s tunes, ‘Winter Rose’. We just stood by the entrance of the bar and listened, then shook hands with the DJ (who had no idea who we were), and quietly left.”
6. “We wrote the entire album using Reason 3.”
7. “Pete has amassed a worryingly extensive collection of mid-80s Japanese new-age LPs.”
8. “Andy is actually from Sunderland and can do a perfect Mackam accent.”
9. “A memorable moment was hearing one of our first tracks played at Fabric by LTJ Bukem. MC Conrad wheeled it up, and we stood in the middle of the crowd and criticixed the mixdown while the whole place went nuts around us.”
10. “One of our first gigs together involved us playing to a completely empty room in East London.”