10 Things You Should Know About Nick Monaco


Living by a personal mantra of “The weirder, the funkier, the better,” Nick Monaco is as bold as the lipstick he wears. Raised on a music-rich diet, the San Francisco producer realized his calling early on, and at just 24, has already released his work on taste-making labels such as dirtybird, Wolf + Lamb and Soul Clap Records.

Soul Clap is the label that debuted Monaco’s first EP, ‘Naked Is My Nature’ back in February 2013. Fast-forward to today, and it is where Monaco calls home as he prepares to release his upcoming debut album, Mating Call.

Set for release next month (September 9), the record comes at an optimal time: fall is approaching, leaves are beginning to change color and love – or is it lust? – is in the air. So begins Monaco’s Mating Call: an aural exploration of sexuality intended to get people freaky both on and off the dancefloor.

Ahead of Mating Call’s release, we asked Nick Monaco to share 10 things about himself. Get familiar with the “part stalker, part butterfly, mostly music maker” after the jump.

1. “I’m part stalker, part butterfly, mostly DJ and music maker from the San Francisco Bay Area.”
2. “I have three passports: USA, Italy and Switzerland.”
3. “Nick Monaco is in fact my real name.”
4. “I have my own line of lipstick called ‘Freak Flag’ and all of the proceeds go to help pay for sex-change operations.”
5. “When I was younger, I would practice any and all of the latest dance trends in the mirror: C-walking, boogaloo, and snapping are some examples.”
6. “I like making funny faces at people looking at their phones while they’re walking on the street – they’re so distracted that they never notice.”
7. “I love my cousin Elliot. He and I have a hyphy-Jewish rap group called The Baygelz.”
8. “I’m such a big fan of the film Life Aquatic that I got a tattoo of the ‘deep search’ submarine on my ribs.”
9. “I’m actually a morning person, but rarely get a chance to enjoy them unless I’m still up from the night before.”
10. “I made an album called Mating Call and it comes out September 9th.” – We knew that one.