10 Things You Should Know About Mikey Lion And The Desert Hearts


Mikey Lion is the top hat-wearing leader of The San Diego based Desert Hearts Crew. Biannually, they throw the 70-hour nonstop Desert Hearts Festival with the mantra “House, Techno, & Love” as its tagline.

Along with Mikey, Desert Hearts is made up of San Diego based DJs Lee Reynolds, Porkchop and Marbs. They recently launched their new record label, Desert Hearts Records, in July and are gearing up for their Two Year Year Anniversary Festival in November.

Here, are Mikey Lion shares 10 things you need to know about The Desert Hearts crew to get you in the right frame of “heart,” after the jump.

1. “I first donned my top hat four years ago at Burning Man and it’s pretty much been a part of me ever since. I swear to god the thing is magic and even came back to me, 200 miles away, after I lost it for six months. My top hat is my baby and it’s become iconic for what I stand for.”

2. “My first true love was The Wu-Tang Clan. My first time hearing House Music was also my first time experimenting with MDMA, which happened to be at Daft Punk Live. And my first time having a psychedelic experience was at Roger Waters’ Dark Side Of The Moon. Yeah… Music is a part of my soul.”

3. “Despite a dozen police SUV’s and a helicopter trying to shut down our Desert Hearts Spring Festival, we stood our ground together against law enforcement and a freak snow storm and still came out victorious.”

4. “One of our headliners, Marc Houle, once slept in the back of my car for two days because he didn’t want to leave and go back to his hotel.”

5. “We know of at least one baby that was conceived at Desert Hearts.”

6. “Lee Reynolds is an ex-professional BMX star from the UK. Despite being 20 years our senior, he parties harder than all of us combined. He’s a legend.”

7. “My younger brother, Porkchop, has had a stutter since birth, yet he somehow communicates better than all of us through his music and his soul.”

8. “Marbs is one of our best DJs and also designs all of the original artwork for our new record label, Desert Hearts Records. Whatever he sets his mind to he excels at.”

9. “One of our core, behind the scenes guys, may or may not live in his psychedelic van down by the river.”

10. “Most importantly, Desert Hearts is a family and a community celebrating House, Techno, & Love. That’s what it’s all about and that’s what we want to share with the world. We Are All Desert Hearts. <3"