11 Reasons to Go Vegetarian



Are you a meat eater looking for something new to try? How about going vegetarian for a week? Not only is it yummy but there are also some benefits for your body involved that we are sure you’ll love. The green eating movement ain’t strong for no reason.

Word on the street is that consuming leafy vegetables and sweet fruit salads is hard on both the pocket and tummy but trust us when we say that isn’t true. When it comes to a diet strictly containing ingredients from mother earth it is totally mind over matter. Besides, we have come a long way from Vo5 juices. There are veggie burgers galore and homemade beverage recipes that will give Starbucks tazo teas a run for their money.

So are you ready for a diet revamp? Check out 11 reasons to go vegetarian for a day, month, or forever on the next few pages.

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