15 Signs That He is An Abuser


Domestic abuse is no joke, Vixens. Every few seconds a woman is being beaten and battered by a jealous husband, boyfriend, or even an elder like a father or uncle. Seeing the signs of an abusive partner or loved one isn’t always easy, because love has a way of clouding our judgement. However, for a mental and physical health it is wise to always know what you are getting into.

Recently, porn star Christy Mack made headlines on the internet for tweeting a graphic image of herself after being attacked by her ex-lover, MMA fighter Jon Kappenhaver. They broke up in May but the athlete returned to her home on Aug. 8 and viciously beat her to a pulp. According to Mack’s recollection she stated:

“I have no recollection of how many times I was hit, I just know my injuries that resulted from my beating. My injuries include 18 broken bones around my eyes, my nose is broken in 2 places, I am missing teeth and several more are broken. I am unable to chew, or see out of my left eye.”

Chiiiiile, that is not okay. Vixens, to be sure this doesn’t happen to you, here are 15 signs that the “special” guy in your life is an abuser.

Photo Credit: Getty Images