5 Things You Need To Know: Rapper On The Rise Nick Brewer


Nick Brewer spits harsh truth like Nas in the throwback-style of Jurassic 5.

His recently released EP, ‘Four Miles Further,’ “both literally alludes to the moving from The Confects home studio to their new set up in Brick Lane, just 4 miles away, and figuratively, Nick appreciating the bigger picture. He’s 4 miles closer to where he wants to be; but the hard work is just beginning.”

The Island Records’ signee shares five facts about the EP (cop it here) after the jump.

1. “The whole EP was produced by The Confect and recorded at their studios in Brick Lane, East London. Brick Lane is 4 miles from Holloway, North London, where we recorded my previous EP; Flat 10 hence ‘Four Miles Further.’ I’ve been working with these guys since 2009 and I’ve got them to thank for convincing me to actually believe in myself and take music seriously.”

2. “I got the idea for the artwork as I was getting a suit fitted at a tailors for my friend’s wedding. The concept behind the EP was that I still had a long way to go, and I’m not the finished product yet, and so I thought an unfinished suit jacket could represent that well. In the background of the suit jacket is a map of East London including Brick Lane, although you’d have to have really good eyesight to see it! The artwork was designed by a really talented friend of mine called Jeremy Simmons.”

3. “The concept for the track ‘Miss Online Superstar’ was inspired by someone I know personally. It was almost like she was a completely different person online to how she was in real life, which confused and bothered me. I wanted her to know that she is valuable because of who she is, not how popular she is on social media. Even though I wrote it about a girl, I think it can be just as relevant for guys. I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad, just trying to raise awareness and make people think.”

4. “The track titled ‘Four Miles Further’ samples a song I made three years ago called ‘Number 7′. It was taken from a mixtape I made in 2011 called ‘Alone With My Thoughts; Part 2′. If you look reaaally carefully on the internet you might find a download link for it somewhere haha.”

5. “At the beginning of the track ‘Fall From Here’ you can hear a muffled voice saying something, although it’s not very clear. It’s actually the voice of one of The Confect; Miles repeating ‘Jesus saves me as I fall from here.’ I’m a Christian and it plays a big role in the music I make and what I talk about. I’m not trying to force my beliefs on anyone, I just want to make good music.”