6 Female Rappers Who Should Drop New Music (Right Now)


The rap scene this year has done the unthinkable. Somehow the stars have aligned and made it possible for more than one female rapper to flourish at a time. With the buzz surrounding Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Remy Ma and the ladies of Sisterhood of Hip-Hop, it’s only right that we dig up the lost MCs of yesteryear and pray to the rap gawds for the return of some of our favorite ladies on the mic. Here are 6 female rappers who should release new music right now and take advantage.


Who She Should Work With: Pusha T, YG, Jeezy
Why We Need Her: Best known for her collaborations with Ja Rule and Murder Inc., Charli made a rep for being the industry’s ride-or-die chick. Her fiery red hair and “us against the world” attitude made it hard to hate Chuck. It’s hard for us to ignore that Iggy is Charli’s musical doppelgänger. The two sound eerily alike. We know Charli was nominated for a BET Awards and all, but if there were any time for her to make a real comeback, it should be now while the Iggy frenzy is in full effect.

Photo Credit: Instagram/charlibaltimore