6 Reasons Lil Boosie Is Ready To Release An Album


When Lil Boosie announced that he was releasing a new album in 2014, we have to admit: We were skeptical. The last time Boosie was a free man, people were still running around with second-generation iPhones. We thought that if he chose to rush his next project out, it would for sure make him and his music sound outdated.

It’s damn-near impossible to disappear from the rap scene for six years and then just pick up right where you left off. However, Boosie Bad Azz has regained our confidence in recent months, thanks to songs like “Show da World,” “Heart of a Lion,” and, most recently, his latest single, “Crazy.”

Rather than hop on the latest rap trends, Boosie has continued to craft songs for the streets, and clearly he knows where his bread is buttered. We’re beginning to think he’s more than ready to release his new project, Touchdown 2 Cause Hell, next month.

Photo Credit: Getty Images