6 Reasons Not To Sleep On G-Unit’s ‘The Beauty Of Independence’ EP


For rappers, the beauty of independence is that you don’t have to wait for a record label to tell you when you can drop new music. It’s why more and more artists—including newcomers like Chance The Rapper and established acts like 50 Cent—are choosing the independent route rather than linking up with labels. And it’s why 50 Cent and G-Unit were able to drop their new EP called (what else?) The Beauty of Independence seemingly out of nowhere on Sunday night.

Of course, there’s a downside to operating independently. Because G-Unit put their project out without any warning, it wasn’t promoted at all. It also isn’t available in stores, so there’s a good chance that a lot of rap fans are going to miss it. And if they do, it’ll be a real shame for 50 & Co. Here are 6 reasons you shouldn’t sleep on G-Unit’s The Beauty of Independence EP.