9 Questionable Things Kim Kardashian Has Made A Dollar Off Of


Kim Kardashian

When it comes to Kim Kardashian West’s obsession of remaining relevant, some things don’t come as a surprise. Actually, mostly everything involving the socialite are no longer surprising now that we think of it. She’s got a true hustlers spirit, point blank.

The reality TV star who got her fifteen minutes of fame thanks to an allegedly leaked sexscapade with Ray J has catapulted her likeliness into absolute stardom. For Christ’s sake, she’s married to Kanye West, that should be enough proof. Yet, even still Kimberly Noel has a past and that past (and present) is one full of questionable things that have resulted in the advancement of her bank account and Kardashian empire as a whole. Don’t believe us, just watch.

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Photo Credit: Terry Richardson