Al Sharpton Claps Back At Gilbert Arenas


Gilbert Arenas who?

That’s what Rev. Al Sharpton had to say when a TMZ reporter asked the Civil Rights activist how he felt about the former NBA player’s harsh comments.

The Washington Wizard took to his Instagram account Wednesday to rant about the looting and rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, which resulted in the wake of the shooting death of unarmed 18-year-old Mike Brown. Arenas offered his condolences to the family and then called the black community “dumb.” He also referred to the Reverend as a “THOT”

When the camera man confronted Sharpton with the idea that his presence could be making an already tense situation worse than what it is, Sharpton responded with good common sense.

“How? By going out and helping the family and calling for peace?” he questioned.

As Sharpton headed into Rockefeller Center, he left Arenas with a challenge.

” I don’t know who he is …you say he plays Football? ” The Reverend questioned.”Well, put what he does and mine in Civil Rights and we’ll see who won more and lost more.”

***Sips this good Green tea***