Aphex Twin Teases New Album ‘SYRO’ Details


A blimp, some street stencils, a plate with jerk chicken sauce, and a “deep web” torrent link: that’s all it takes for the elusive brain dancer known as Aphex Twin to set London, New York, and the web abuzz. Most likely, it’s all in service of SYRO, Aphex Twin’s first new album since 2001’s Druqks, and the recent release of 1994’s lost “Caustic Window.” Judging by all viral hype on social media, it’s working. Thank you Napster, for forcing musicians to embrace new business paradigms. And, Happy Birthday, Richard D. James – thank you for the gift of anticipation.
Click through for the Tweet from James with the the TOR link, images of the stencils and blimp, the track list for SYRO, and to follow along with the mystery as it unfolds. We’re not sure what’s going on, but we’re down for the ride. Especially if it’s anything like the one in 1999’s epic Chris Cunningham-directed video for “Windowlicker.”