Appsolutely: Never Freeze In The Office Again


In the hot summer months many of us have to bring a big jacket or blanket to stay warm in the freezing tundra known as the office. While going back and forth from the sweltering heat outside to the teeth-chattering cold inside, is an instant conversation starter in the office. It can be a lot to deal with.

Vixens everywhere can now find that happy temperature medium with the new app Comfy. This app created by Building Robotics lets employees pinpoint their location in the office and choose if they want their individual space to be warmer or cooler and overtime it will recognize everyone’s preferences.

No longer will we have to shiver in silence or bring a suitcase of layers to take on and off. With the new Comfy app, even the unfortunate souls who are seated directly below the air-duct will be able to choose how warm or cold they want their space to be.

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