Azealia Banks Talks Breaking Free From Label & ‘Heavy Metal’ Video


Cutting ties with her label was the best thing to happen to Azealia Banks.

After declaring her freedom from Interscope Records (she was signed for two years) on Twitter last month, the Harlem-bred rapper pulled the trigger on her new single “Heavy Metal and Reflective” before dropping the video, which shows Banks getting kidnapped, a cinematic metaphor for her old label.

“It’s supposed to be a little Tarantino kinda vibe, and it’s symbolic of me getting off the label,” she told BuzzFeed about the clip.

While she wouldn’t address taking a perceived shot at Nicki Minaj on her timeline, she is relishing in the opportunity to be her own artist.

“For awhile it was like, ‘What is she doing? She’s here, she’s there, she’s doing this, she’s saying this. When is the album coming out?’ So I’m really happy to get this project off. Cause I’ve already started working on a bunch of new stuff,” she said.

“I’m still connected to the [Broke With Expensive Taste] music, but I’m still somewhere else, with these other projects, because I know how quickly I like to move and my fan base likes to move. So I’m halfway, like one foot in Broke With Expensive Taste and one foot in the next project, and having all these other ideas. But I’m just happy that I can do whatever I want now.”

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