Beyonce and Jay Z’s Trip To Cuba Was (Wait For It) TOTALLY LEGAL

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So remember when Beyonce and Jay Z went to Cuba to celebrate their wedding anniversary and some members of the Republican party were like totally P.O’d about it? Well turns out the trip was completely legal, Billboard, reports.

The U.S. Treasury Department’s inspector general deemed the couple’s trip A-Ok under the rules allowing for educational travel.

It’s not cool for U.S. citizens to visit Cuba because they’re tired of Chipotle and they want to try authentic guacamole. However, under Washington’s 51 year embargo, Americans can travel to the island for journalistic, religious, spiritual, educational and cultural exchanges. While in Havana, Jay and Bey not only dined at expensive restaurants, but the duo also visited an art school and local theater groups, falling well within the guidelines of a legal trip.