Beyonce Triples Sales of Up and Coming Jewelry Designer


It’s every business owner’s dream to have a celebrity endorse their product. Multi-million dollar corporations pay some of the biggest stars hundreds of thousands of dollars to star in a commercial or wear their designs to a red carpet event. But for Rachel Pfeffer all it took was a photo on Instagram to make her dream come true.

When Baddie Bey posted the above pic to her Instagram account the Beyhive wouldn’t stop buzzing about her sweet jewelry. The honeycomb necklace resembles a piece that Pfeffer designs and sells on her website, as part of her jewelry line Rachel Pfeffer Designs.

According to Forbes, Vox’s Kelsey McKinney reported that Pfeffer is experiencing a “Beyonce Bump” in sales after a friend tagged her in the photo to ask if the design was her own.

Pfeffer couldn’t confirm with Beyonce’s team whether or not the diva got the necklace from her, but that didn’t stop her sales from going through the roof. Pfeffer saw a 3x increase in sales from her main website and Etsy shop as well as 40x increase in site traffic.

“The best part is all of the nice tweets and messages from friends, fans and customers all over the world, saying how excited they are for me and how they were wearing my honeycombs before Beyonce was,” Pfeffer wrote in an e-mail to Forbes. “One customer in Australia messaged me on Instagram saying that she wore her honeycomb into a store and the cashier said ‘that’s Beyonce’s necklace!’ So that’s awesome.”

Photo Credit: Instagram